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100% of proceeds go toward Scott and Megan's efforts to start a Family

About "Meg's Miracle"

Through tragedy, loss, and longing, Megan still holds on to her dream. At first her dream seemed natural, so easy to achieve. Megan always knew she would grow up, marry her handsome prince, become a mother to beautiful children and live happily ever after. She had no way of knowing the struggle she would go through on the way.

The first delay in her dreams came in finding prince charming. Megan didn’t marry until later in her life, and she said she thought “being single so long was my ‘challenge’ in life (as if we get only one).” After graduating from the Mayo Clinic she finally met and married the love of her life, Scott. They waited a short year to begin having a family.

Days turned into months, months into years, and Megan and Scott’s dream of being parents was still unreachable. They have seen multiple doctors and infertility specialists in multiple states and tried all of the assisted reproductive techniques available with no results. The most lengthy and expensive technique is in-vitro fertilization (IVF) which required Megan to inject brutal medications into her body, affecting her hormones and the gamut of her emotions. Megan and Scott saved money for months, refinanced their home, and each IVF attempt was unsuccessful. In Megan’s words,

“We were so distraught. We had just spent everything we had; money, emotion, energy. A few months went by and we decided to try it one last time. We took money from my husband's school loan; I took some of my 401K out early, etc. We also missed weeks of work because of the procedure location. So not only did we not have the money to pay for it, but we were not making any money the weeks we were gone. We reassured ourselves that this would work out because my husband was set to graduate in about 4 months. We thought we could live off of a credit card until he finished school and was making ‘real’ money.“

With everything riding on this IVF attempt, Megan went in for the procedure when the unthinkable happened. During the egg retrieval a vessel was cut and she bled to the point of needing a blood transfusion. The experience was painful, took weeks of recuperation during which she could not work, and only two eggs lived and both were implanted. However, the doctors told Megan and Scott there wasn’t much chance of either one becoming a pregnancy.

Miraculously, one did. Megan was pregnant. During an ultrasound she and Scott heard the heart beating and had the unbelievable but wonderful feeling that their dream was finally coming true. Then a horrifying thing happened. At 9 1/2 weeks, three days before Christmas, Megan miscarried. The baby just stopped growing. They would later find out that their lost baby was a little girl. Megan said,

We were devastated. We couldn't just ‘try’ again. The weeks following that were a foggy dream. Such despair and hopelessness of ever having a family with a husband I loved so much. We turned toward each other at this time instead of away and were able to buoy each other up enough to get through an hour at a time. Six weeks later we celebrated our wedding anniversary and the same day found out that Scott's helicopter school (Silver State Helicopters) claimed bankruptcy with him just 3 months away from graduation. Let me just paint the picture. I was barely physically recovering from a surgical procedure to remove the fetus, we were both trying to work full-time demanding jobs, and we were both just emotionally exhausted. Our amount of debt suddenly doubled with the closing of this helicopter school. Suddenly we were left with school loans to pay off, medical bills to pay off, and not ONE thing to show for it.”

They tried to move forward with the possibility of adoption. Without the money to join an agency, Megan and Scott looked for opportunities by word of mouth, but any birth mothers they found changed their minds at the last minute. In one heartbreaking case, a birth mother they were working with had an abortion at 6 months of pregnancy.

Then recently, right and left, things started falling into their laps. They were introduced to the Doctor of Doctors by a mutual friend, he gave them high hopes, a serious discount, and urged them to give it one more try. They were really unsure, but felt like everything was falling into place, and they didn't want to live with regrets. With some ups and some downs, the result came back negative. NO Pregnancy!

Megan and Scott have been going from one devastating moment to another. They feel like there is no end in sight. Their adoption profile is still active, but they don’t know how they could handle the expense of the adoption process. They are two of the most fun, happy, and positive people, but they find themselves just trying to stay afloat financially, and emotionally!

“Meg’s Miracle” has been founded to provide Megan and Scott Lee with hope, something positive to look forward to, and the ultimate hope of the chance to have a family. Please be part of a miracle for this deserving and loving couple. As Megan says, “I can't deny the feeling I have inside that drives me to want a family with my wonderful husband.” The hands of heaven are manifested physically in the helping hands of friends, neighbors, and community members. As those who know and love Megan and Scott Lee, we have felt the hands of heaven guiding ours as we have established “Meg’s Miracle.” We can’t predict what miracles we can create for Megan and Scott, but we know that when people join together in unity and love, miracles will happen.


Jill Freestone said...

Thanks for passing the word along - I'll spread the word and add prayers - my best wishes to you!

Mom of twins ♥ said...

I have known Scott since he was born and always pray for them that they will be able to have that Miracle happen for them, thanks for the great blog for these two wonderful people. I will also keep them in my prayers and pass the word along and also post this blog on my own blog!

Mindy said...

I love meg so much! If there is anything else I can do please let me know!

Matt and Stephanie said...

I love Megan so much. I knew her story and cried again when I read it. I remember criing with her when she lost her baby, thinking about it now Im criing. I dont understand why 2 of the most amazing people I have ever met have had to have such a hard road. You are always in my prayers. I will do what ever I can.

Johnsons Part Deux said...

Such a great idea! Though Megan and Scott seem a million miles away from us, they're always in our thoughts and prayers. xoxo.

Anonymous said...

could someone be a surrogate for you?

Ashley said...

Megan and Scott.... We LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH!!! You are in our prayers all the time and we hope that your time is VERY soon to be parents. It's so hard seeing such wonderful people going through such hard times. We are here if you NEED anything!!!!

The Hawkins said...

I'm Lisa's friend and came here looking for your cute hats that you make (I think that is you). I saw what a hard time you are going through and have something you could try. It has worked for several people even though they didn't think it would. It's basically a product makes everything in your body start working again. A few ladies tried it after doing years of fertility treatments. After being on the product for 3-4 months they were able to get pregnant. It is around $100 a month. Let me know if you are interested in looking at something. You can email me at or call me 801-376-3336.

Anonymous said...

Foster adopt has a program that lets you foster kids and adopt them for no cost. They sometimes have newborn babies too. I think anyone who wants a family and can't afford to adopt should check it out. What a beautiful way to help yourself and the wonderful children that need parents.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I have also been struggling to have a child. We are currently going through the state foster care program to adopt. It takes some time, but the cost is minimal. If time is an issue, there are lots of kids waiting for loving parents through Wednesday Child that are available now. We're excited to provide a loving home for a children in need.