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100% of proceeds go toward Scott and Megan's efforts to start a Family

Items at Auction

We already have incredible friends and business owners excited to participate in our live Auction! Here's a preview of amazing items on which you can soon bid:

*"Princess Celebrations" Birthday Party -- $300 value

*"Woodstock Finishing" custom staining -- $1000 value

*Custom Drawing (artist Syd Crockett) -- $500 value

*Hair Care Packages -- valued at $100 and up

*Interior Design Plan, single room -- $300 value

*Walter Rane Painting-- $600 value

*Professional Resume--$100 (1st Impression Resume)

*2 Scera Gift Certificates--$50 value each

Check back frequently for updates on the Auction.


April Berlin said...

I will see if I can get SCERA, where I work, to donate something!
April Berlin, 801-369-0946.

Chelsea said...

I would like to donate a free, professionally written resume, - a service with a $100 value. Just let me know any other details!

Chelsea Lou

Mrs. Jones said...

I would like to donate a quilt.

Mindy Stailey said...

two $50 Scera gift cerficates have been donated too.

Elizabeth Moon said...

I will see if I can make a dress or two by then. :)

Shellie said...

I'll be donating 2 $150 gift certificates to Modest-by-Design and one prom dress from them as well. To see some of their items go to

So happy we can help!!