please email for location dropoff

100% of proceeds go toward Scott and Megan's efforts to start a Family

Everyone can HELP!!

We would love any help you have to offer! We need people to make yummy treats, need people to help with set-up/clean-up, and ANY Donations for the boutique or Auction!(bows, headbands, jewelry, etc.)
If you don't feel like you have some THING to donate,
Help SPREAD the WORD!!!

Let everyone know about the fun happenin' at
MVHS on Aug 29th!

If anyone knows someone in the Media....let us know! We'd love some sway!!


J♥M said...

This is AWESOME!!!!

Denise said...

Thanks for fixing the button :0)

Now, we need an address or another way for people to send financial donations. I already have one person who would like to send some money. I'll check back to find out where.

Julie Kaye said...

THANK YOU for your support! Financial donations will help the most! We are working on an account at Wells Fargo...just have some minor registering things we HAVE TO DO FIRST. (1 major thing stopped until monday) We are trying to avoid personal addresses for our safety and more so for the legitimacy of the event! If they need to get rid of the $ urgently, leave me another message and I will make some arrangements for you!

Tara said...

I have told Mindy that I plan on making treats to be sold on Saturday. Let me know any special requests!